Frequently Asked Questions :

What is hobbyclues ? How hobbyclues works ?

  • Hobbyclues is an online classified ad posting website where you can sell or buy old antiques or anything simply by posting an advertisement.

How to sell using hobbyclues ?

  • To start selling just sign up a free account and post an advertisement with clear title, description, images and price.

How to buy using hobbyclues ?

  • To buy, you should have to contact the seller using send message button from advertisement page.

Anyone sold using hobbyclues ?

Do hobbyclues buy my item ?

  • No, Hobbyclues will not buy or sell anything and never involve in any transactions between buyers and sellers.

who can sell and buy at hobbyclues ?

  • Anyone who accepted our terms and conditions and privacy policy by sign up an free account can sell and buy using hobbyclues.

What is Premium, Highlighted and move to top ad ?

How to contact hobbyclues ?

what is hobbyclues membership and how to get it ?

  • As a hobbyclues member you can enjoy wide range of discounts in paid advertisement category and wallet bonus and much more.
  • Go to My accounts->Promotions->membership to know more after sign in

what is hobbyclues wallet ?

  • Hobbyclues wallet will allow you to pay directly during checkout
  • To recharge your wallet goto My accounts->Promotions->wallets after sign in

why hobbyclues is using only e-mail communication between buyers and sellers ?

  • To ensure our users safety and privacy hobbyclues only recommends and prefers email communication between buyers and sellers.

What are the safety tips from hobbyclues?

Do Hobbyclues modify my ad?

  • Yes hobbyclues has full rights to modify or delete your ad for fair listing policy.


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