Hobbyclues Testimonials

Hobbyclues is India's best Antiques reselling site.I sold my grand ma old coins and notes.I made some money :)My first earning I got through Hobbyclues.I recommend you all to try Hobbyclues.Customer support is also good.They have categorised their products, so you can add them in appropriate category.

- Umakant,Bangalore

I sold my old George emperor coin after listing my advertisement in this site.Thanks team for your support!Absolutely Loyal site!This website will help numismatics as well to learn more about old coins

- Alex,Patna

Hobbyclues is a lovely site for selling All kind of antiques.I sold my old Mughal coin in just one week.you can also do reselling at hobbyclues site.Their UI is simple, neat and clean.Their premium price is quite low when comparing with olx or any other online classified websites.

- Mrithynjay,Faridabad

It will turn your life. Amazing website to buy and sell your antiques, also an extraordinary service support and well response. Sell your notes and coins easily with this. They have international buyer's. Do your business internationally with this website.

- Gopinath,Madurai

Amazing website to buy and sell your antiques, also an extraordinary service support and payment is credited to my account immediately. This site has various antique collections to sell and buy such as stamps, bank notes, old coins, and other Antiques. I'd definitely recommend this site for selling their antiques.

- Naveen J,Tuticorin

I am interested in antiques but finding a website on the internet with a good quality is hard. This website(hobbyclues.in) however, has a lot of options which makes it user friendly.The categorization option is absolutely an advantage. One can enter his city, town, or the type of antique he wants and refines the results! I was sick and tired of surfing on the 2nd hand web-sites with lots of other materials which I am not interested in. This website gives me a kind of easy way to find the exact thing that I'm looking for.The other thing I must say is that it gives you the option to ask the value of what you got. I had to find some facebook pages or visit some antique stores to find out how much is the value of an antique mirror for example. But finally I found this website and I can ask the value of the thing I got with just one click!I definitely recommend this page to anyone who is for antique stuff, either to sell or to buy! I know the style of the page might seem a bit complicated but in just 5 minutes it will become the most user-friendly website for you!Thanks for the person who created this web-page.:)

- Veena,Bursa

This website is awesome for selling old coins OR Notes.I sold more than 10 coins and 10 notes.Services and customer 24/7 is good.within 1 week my coins are sold for that I am happy.Once payment is completed the amount is credited to my account immediately

- Saikumar,Ongole

Hobbyclues.in is a classified website which alloww us to sell products in different categories such as old coins , bank notes , stamps , comic books , posters and other Antiques.Each category also has its own sub category Let us say that for old coins , the sub categories are Indian coons , International coins , Ancient coins , Error coins Etc.Likewise they have sub categiries fir Old bank notes , stamps etc for everything.The user interface of the website is also preety good.Their custimer support is very responsive.Hobbyclues is one of the Most wanted website for Treasure Hunters and History Lovers.

- Ramraj,Chennai

Recently I got to know about the website as its the best place for the people who can earn or get paid for their hobbies/antiques.The site deals with the sale and purchase of the good, as the buyier or seller get contact with each other instently as someone want to sell his/her good and someone need that.The interface of the site is much better and userfriendly.The premium plan of the website is much better and at low cost.A reliable website for the user.

- Ankit,Gajraula